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elderly couple With a background for many years heading a University MFA & BFA professional acting degree program and a professional conservatory program in New York City, we place great value in thorough, in-depth training. We recognize, however, that such a program is costly, and it can take several years to complete. To address this issue, members of the industry requested that we create a new approach. It offers the same comprehensive training, but it is accelerated, and it permits actors to pursue a career while developing their talent at our Acting Studio in Illinois.

To see the success of our students, visit the alumni page. Our Acting School in Chicago, Illinois has taught stars in every area of the industry. After the program, they do not remain students. They go from the classroom to the stage and screen.



Summer Weekend Intensives


The Weekend Intensive
July 27 – July 29, 2018

Join us for this exciting new offering!
You’ll jump into the Gately / Poole training with acting technique and text work, an on camera workshop and classes in voice, speech, and movement. You’ll also get an individualized Artist’s Evaluation with our Faculty before you leave, to give you an insight into the areas that work for you, and areas where you can grow.
Only $345 plus you’ll also receive a partial credit toward one of our full 3 week intensive training programs!

Learn About the Acting Intensives

The Acting Intensive


LEVEL 4 and Specialty Workshops

Keep an eye on our website for our Summer Intensive Program Dates!

…Congrats to you for having a program that gives students a real shot at a sustainable life in this profession. That is not something many programs can say happens on a regular basis, but you (Richard) and Kathryn have developed something pretty fantastic and real.

-Abigail Trabue, Managing Editor for Performink, Chicago

Learn About the Acting Intensives

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The Acting Intensive Program

A New Way to Train

Our Boot Camp approach features:
• Full days of Classes and Rehearsals
• A Total Immersion Experience
• A Place to Live and Breathe Acting


London Acting Intensive

Learn About the London Program

Meisner & New Innovations in Actor Training

London, UK

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Private Coaching

Apply For Private Coaching

Monologues and Cold Readings

  • Go to the Audition Prepared via Skype or Appointment
  • at the school to get a thorough preparation from the entire faculty
  • text interpretation
  • shaping the text for the build and climax
  • finding the emotional depth
  • working with the voice and physical technique to get a full, rich, expressive presentation.
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