London Acting Intensive



Wolfgang Novogratz and Sophie Kayes in rehearsal


Course dates

Summer 2018

The classes include exercises and scene work to:

  • Develop effortless, spontaneous responsiveness to others
  • Discover how to use oneself simply and truthfully, poetically and expansively
  • Explore specific actions in the theatrical world of the dramatic imagination
  • Create behavioral connectedness in relationships and to life-altering circumstances

This workshop will give a very strong introduction to the Meisner technique as well as develop a number of other
areas of acting training that includes:

– On-camera work;
– Analysis through script work
– Exercises working on drilling ‘actions’;
– Work on developing a deep emotional life for the actor;
– Developing the dramatic imagination.

The Rose Café in the College will provide lunch during the day – your fee covers the cost of this.

For us, teaching in London is a thrill. We love the influence and the pulse. The city is steeped in history, and we found it to have a profound effect on the students. Our London program uses traditional Meisner training combined with modern advancements from the conservatory taught alongside international master teachers of movement, voice, and speech.

Rose Buford College, the leading college for international programs in England, offers the perfect setting with a beautiful campus and wonderful studios. A twenty-minute train ride from downtown London, the location can’t be beat. Particularly unique was the international combination of students in one classroom.

We look forward to our upcoming London program in July. We’re currently interviewing prospectives to ensure the right mix of talent and promise in this very special international training program.

“It was an incredible experience. The teaching was so in-depth and intensive. All the students were so talented and motivated. The setting was remarkable, intimate and enjoyable. Coming from the USA to be part of the summer programme was a special time and something I’ll always cherish.”

— Wolfgang Novogratz from Los Angeles, USA

“It was an extraordinary experience to learn from Kathryn and Rick. I’ve never met an acting tutor or a director with such an exceptional ability to sense people, hear their truest intentions and reveal the actor’s potential.”

— Sophie [recent graduate of RADA – Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts]