Acting Intensives

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The Intensives

The Gately/Poole Acting Intensives are the foundation of The Gately/Poole actor training program. These intensives are for actors interested in pursuing a professional career in acting. The student must discover an experiential understanding of the through-line of The Gately/Poole Meisner Technique.

New on-line classes are an exciting addition to our core Gately/Poole training program. The classes meet 3 times per week in 8-week segments with both afternoon and evening sessions available. The core Meisner technique is used with innovations that bring it into the 21st century.

Training in Film & Television is included, along with Voice/Speech and Physical Technique/Movement Classes.

Goals of the acting program for stage, film and television

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  • Provide in-depth training on the fundamentals of the Meisner Technique
  • Develop the necessary skills and knowledge to cultivate an actor of authenticity, theatricality, and range in both realistic and period material
  • Eliminate the physical and vocal restrictions that reduce an actor’s emotional, expansive, and expressive behavior
  • Strengthen the ability to identify, and address his or her individual needs in the classroom and in practice
  • Instill and inspire in each actor their own unique, distinctive style as a performing artist

The goals of the acting program will be accomplished through:


Instilling and inspiring in each performer their own distinct style as an actor


Practical, experiential lessons in navigating this layered and progressive technique with clarity, depth, and nuance


The development of acting, through lessons in the philosophy of this art form in larger contexts

Tier 1

The 1st Tier of The Gately/Poole Meisner Technique


  • Allows students to inhabit shared experience in an unanticipated, authentic interaction.
  • Exercises are advanced through various Changes and Lessons in Points of View, which intensify into heightened experiences.

Dramatic Imagination

  • Lessons that engage each student’s entrance into the world of the dramatic imagination, illuminating pathways unique to each actor.
  • Through dramatic imaginings, create actions, obstacles, and justifications.

Activities - Action work

  • Great care and time is given to the study of action work. This work answers the imperatives:
    • What are you doing?
    • Why are you doing it?
    • What do you hope to achieve? (In action, there is always a conflict.)

Text Work

  • Once the improvisation has advanced, vulnerability, authenticity, and expansive behavior, are woven into a carefully selected scene.
  • The scene work gives students the chance to apply their early acting technique to a script.

Tier 2

Tier 2 of The Gately/Poole Meisner Technique

Heightened Situation

  • Building on TIER 1, the improvisation advances into a whole array of heightened and life-altering circumstances.


  • These situations are built around powerful, dynamic relationships, and are lived-through authentically, compellingly, and theatrically, with actions created through the dramatic imagination.

Advanced Contact Improvisation

  • Developing advanced contact-interplay, through silence and true provocation, the stage has been set for the moment-to-moment, deeply connected, viscerally experienced work of this technique.

Text Work

  • Students develop advanced situational scene skills, using dynamic relationships and life-altering circumstances, with a sophisticated array of actions, and live through them experientially, in moment to moment interactions.
  • The scene work gives students a chance to explore heightened circumstances, to live-through, vividly and personally, the highest range of human experiences.

Tier 3

Tier 3 of the Gately/Poole Meisner Technique

Character Study and Poetic Realism

  • Building on the previous level, the imperative is now to learn to live and inhabit characters in a wide variety of human experiences, to transcend the conventional and to create the sublime – A new, profound approach to building a character.

Nursery Rhyme

  • Using nonsense text to teach clarity, connection, and creativity, these texts inspire color, invention, and a wide variety of interpretations, a necessity for vibrant auditions and self-direction.

Scene Study (all periods, all genres)

  • Realistic and Period styles by Master playwrights become the focus. Building upon the lessons mastered in Tier 1 – 3, students now learn the essential skills of self-direction, aided by sequential lessons in research, analysis, clarity and character, using realistic or heightened language.

Text Work

  • Final preparation as students move from the classroom to the workplace.
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