Kathryn Gately

Kathryn GatelyKathryn Gately served from 1995 to 2012 as the head of the MFA Professional Acting Program at Northern Illinois University, an URTA/NAST school. She graduated from the Neighborhood Playhouse and studied under Sanford Meisner, and received her MFA in acting from Mason Gross School of the Arts. During her time at Rutgers, Kathryn Gately was mentored by William Esper, and after she graduated, she and Mr. Esper co-taught the BFA and MFA acting candidates at Mason Gross.

Kathryn co-founded the Gately / Poole Acting Studio in New York City on Off-Broadway’s Theatre Row, and the studio grew into one of the leading two-year acting programs in the U.S., with an annual enrollment of 200 students.

She was developer and co-director of the Acting Intensive, held in partnership with Innovative Agency.

She has taught extensively in America, and in Europe at the Abbey Theatre and the Gaiety School. Creating an alliance with Northern Illinois and the Gaity school in Dublin, Ireland, Ms. Gately and Patrick Sutton developed an international theatrical production program for MFA acting candidates.

Ms. Gately’s international coaching made two world premieres including Sins of the Father (Dublin, Ireland), The Birds at the Moscow Art Theatre School (Moscow, Russia). In addition she worked extensively with Melissa Hawkins on Juliet by Adras Visky which was performed in Romania, Turkey, and Chicago, Illinois. She has also coached extensively in film and television and on Broadway. She served as an artistic advisor to producer Kevin Goetz for the television film Wild Iris, starring Gena Rowlands and Laura Linney who went on to win an Emmy for her performance in the film.


“I have known Kathryn Gately for several years and can attest to her deep dedication, expertise and fervor in furthering the education of theatre on the highest level in this country. Recognized as one of the finest Master Teachers in America, it is a well known fact that she has achieved recognition on a national level in many different acting influences professionally across this country, and has created and established major connections in all major cities as well.”
– Ronald Rand, Editor of “Soul of the American Actor” and author of “Acting Teachers of America, A Vital Tradition” with Luigi Scorcia

“I am particularly fond of my classes with Professor Kathryn Gately-Poole. She has a sensitivity for working with young actors. At Mason Gross, I learned how to approach roles with certain technical abilities. I learned how to listen and respond. I feel I can do anything and am prepared for anything.”
–Roger Bart, Tony Award winning actor (The Producers, Desperate Housewives)

“Kathryn Gately’s instinctual intelligence about the art of acting is sure, well-grounded and inspired. She is a demanding and exacting teacher who is constantly producing new material to extend actors skills beyond the basic work of the Meisner technique.”
– Lloyd Williamson, Creator of the Williamson Technique

“She is an outstanding teacher of acting…a dynamic presence…demanding, serious, very versatile, highly skilled. She expects a great deal from her students. Those who do not have the perseverance for the profession learn early to seek another career.”
– M.E. Comtois, Chair, Theatre Arts Department, Mason Gross School of the Arts, Rutgers University

“Kathryn Gately maintains very high standards and insists that her students rise to meet them. She is exceptionally talented at coaching and teaching, and is able to adapt to the needs of a variety of styles of production. After having worked with and studied instructors of acting, I rank Gately as one of the top teachers I have ever had the privilege of knowing. Quite frankly, there has been nobody like her since Alvina Krause build the reputation of Northwestern University”
-Kent Gallagher, Former Chair and Assistant Dean, Northern Illinois University.