Richard Poole

Mr. Poole was the co-founder of the first two-year Meisner Professional Training Program for Film and Television in the country, which developed into the School for Film and Television. Mr. Poole was also associated with New Dramatists in Chicago, a company that develops and produces a season of original plays each year.

Richard Poole elaborating the importance of movement training and the Williamson Technique.

Gately in New York from 1981 to 1993.

At Northern Illinois University, he was the producer and director of the MFA and BFA showcases, which have received national recognition.

Mr. Poole has taught and coached actors in New York, L.A., and Chicago, and has led master classes in the Meisner Technique at the Gaiety School of Acting and the Abbey Theatre in Dublin, Ireland. He has been on the summer acting faculty at Interlochen Center for the Arts, and Mr. Poole was the artistic director for The Barnstormers, an Equity Theatre in Tamworth, New Hampshire. Mr. Poole works closely with top agents and managers in L.A., New York and Chicago to train and coach their working clients in privat intensives.

Mr. Poole served as director and co-editor of the two-hour documentary, Innovations to the Meisner Technique at The Gately / Poole Acting Studio A new way to train. This work illustrated numerous advances in the Meisner technique that were developed by Mr. Poole and Ms.


“I cannot say enough how vital Rick’s sensory exercise were to the actual work I do on set. His greatest lesson was focus, to teach us how to take in the environment and the other actors. He showed me how to take a script and turn it into vivid behaviors. It is safe to say he jump started my career.” -Logan Huffman (V Series)

“Richard is an outstanding teacher – both of the Meisner Technique as well as other acting techniques…He is a creative and dynamic teacher who inspires his students to commit themselves thoroughly to the rigorous discipline of a craft; and who demands over and over again that they surpass their past achievements in order to grow and excel as artists.”

– Gene Terruso Director of the University of the Arts

“Mr Poole has a truly national reputation as a teacher of acting at a variety of prestigious institutions across the country…one of America’s leading exponents of the Meisner method of teaching. He has a powerful vision of theater…He is persistent, creative, dedicated and exceptionally intelligent.”

– Christopher Jones Theatre Critic for The Chicago Tribune

“Rick was viewed as the ideal individual for this position because of the depth of his theatre experience, demeanor, proven ability to manage others…and intellect and creativity.”
– Daniel Rowe Executive Director of The Barnstormers, an Equity Theatre company


“Best showcase of the season… These kids are intelligent, skilled, well-spoken, and savvy. I love them.” -Paskel & Tenner Casting

“One of the tightest showcases I’ve seen. Wonderfully directed and paced.” -Claire Simon Casting

“Very strong work…clever, original….”- Victory Garden Theatre

“Best directed, best performed showcase I’ve seen in ten years!” -Aria Talent

“…very high quality acting….incredibly talented students.” -Steppenwolf Theatre

Actor Logan Huffman (America, Circledrawers, Lymelife, ABC’S V Series) speaks about Richard Poole