The Acting Intensive

Courses Offered Spring 2018

The course will include a program of intensive, stimulating and challenging classes, rehearsals and practical workshops. The lessons are clear, sequential, specific, and imaginative. In-depth development in observation, rich responsiveness, and vivid objectives will deal with the specific uniqueness of human behavior.

Level 3
Advanced Character and Scene work
Contemporary and Period Style
Research, Text Analysis, Clarity and Connection
(by invitation only)

Courses Offered in Summer 2018

Level 4
Audition Technique – Monologues and Cold Reading
Business of the Business – the Agent Interview, Headshots, Personal Marketing, Website presence
(by invitation only)

(by invitation only)

The classes include exercises and scene work to:

  • Develop effortless, spontaneous responsiveness to others
  • Discover how to use oneself simply and truthfully, poetically and expansively
  • Explore specific actions in the theatrical world of the dramatic imagination
  • Create behavioral connectedness in relationships and to life-altering circumstances

Other areas of acting training include:

  • On-camera work;
  • Analysis through script work
  • Exercises working on drilling ‘actions’;
  • Work on developing a deep emotional life for the actor;
  • Developing the dramatic imagination.