The Acting Intensive

Courses Offered Winter 2017

The course will include a program of intensive, stimulating and challenging classes, rehearsals and practical workshops. The lessons are clear, sequential, specific, and imaginative. In-depth development in observation, rich responsiveness, and vivid objectives will deal with the specific uniqueness of human behavior.

Level 2 will work to develop and intensify relationship, objective, and actions through the world of the dramatic imagination. Theatrical and compelling behavior and fluid contact under heightened circumstances is included.

Courses Offered in Spring 2018

Level 3
Advanced Character and Scene work
Contemporary and Period Style
Research, Text Analysis, Clarity and Connection
(by invitation only)

Courses Offered in Summer 2018

Level 4
Audition Technique – Monologues and Cold Reading
Business of the Business – the Agent Interview, Headshots, Personal Marketing, Website presence
(by invitation only)

(by invitation only)

The classes include exercises and scene work to:

  • Develop effortless, spontaneous responsiveness to others
  • Discover how to use oneself simply and truthfully, poetically and expansively
  • Explore specific actions in the theatrical world of the dramatic imagination
  • Create behavioral connectedness in relationships and to life-altering circumstances

Other areas of acting training include:

  • On-camera work;
  • Analysis through script work
  • Exercises working on drilling ‘actions’;
  • Work on developing a deep emotional life for the actor;
  • Developing the dramatic imagination.